About us

About us

The idea of ​​'Curs' was founded in 2001 and spread quickly. In the early months of 2002 is already 'Project'. 

In March of the same year will be operational on the web as CursOnline. Since then we have not stopped to take care of those who gave us their trust. 
Our Mission? We believe we are on Earth qesto to do great things. We focus more on innovation. We believe in the simple, not the complex. The utility of the things we think we need, why own and control technologies behind the products that we offer will help you to see the 'Time Future' with love. 
Professionalism, Expertise, and Respect for the customer, they brought us this far. 
Continue to always rely on us, we look forward to serving you with one promise: our happiness in exchange for your satisfaction.

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